Family Friendly New Hampshire is a statewide organization dedicated to advancing a family friendly economic agenda. Family Friendly New Hampshire is part of a national network called the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy (CFFE).

The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy PAC (CFFE PAC) works to ensure candidates hear directly from voters during elections about the economic issues that matter most in their lives.

About Family Friendly New Hampshire

Building an economy that works for New Hampshire’s families and businesses.

Hardworking New Hampshire families are feeling the squeeze. Skyrocketing cost of living makes it harder than ever to get ahead and sometimes even pay the bills at all. 

That’s why Family Friendly New Hampshire is mobilizing the existing widespread public support for common sense laws that make New Hampshire a healthier, more affordable place to live, work, and raise a family.

When families are able to provide for themselves and trust that their children are well cared for, they are more likely to stay in the workforce, are more productive in their jobs, and stay in their jobs longer, keeping families and the economy stronger. Caregiving duties are one of the biggest barriers keeping qualified workers out of the labor market. New Hampshire needs a strong workforce to keep our economy growing. Family Friendly New Hampshire is fighting for policies that invest in our families so they, in turn, can invest in our communities and help build a healthy, prosperous economy that works for everyone.