Stories from the Field

  • Molly McCoy

    Molly McCoy owns Wicked Flannel, a retail shop in Hampton. Her husband, Ben, owns The Big Bad Food Truck. “My husband and I were in a serious motorcycle accident in 2016 which left me in a coma for a week, and led to the eventual amputation of Ben’s leg. For the past few years, we’ve…

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  • Vishal Komal

    Our son was born in February of last year. After he was born, I was only able to take two weeks off from work. I used all of my vacation time, and then I had to go back to work because they couldn’t pay me to stay home. I work in a warehouse six or…

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  • Reverend Allison Palm

    “I serve as the minister of Unitarian Universalist Church in Nashua, NH. Paid Family and Medical Leave would be a huge benefit to my community and congregation. I know many people who are caring for elderly parents and little kids. They have to make hard choices about what they can or can’t do for their…

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  • Michael Strand

    “I am a Regional Sales Director for a staffing company in Southern New Hampshire. We offer consultative recruiting and HR services for companies across New England. We work to help companies find staff for open positions that they’ve been unable to fill, among other things including benefits advisement and payroll. There is a serious workforce…

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